Makayla Kennedy, the creator & founder of SIREN THE BRAND (STB) cultivated the idea of SIREN from her driven passion & love of fashion and mythology. At the age of 22 years old, she started executing her vision for her fashion brand during the 2020-2021 COVID-19 Pandemic.
SIREN is a small solely owned independent brand. Continuously striving & strategizes to bring high quality, well thought ideas and concepts to light. From STB, we want to be able to break barriers and make the impossible possible. 
SIREN is manifested in boldness, confidence, cutting edge, and risk taking. The term & meaning of a "siren" influenced the brand name and theme. What a SIREN means to STB is an individual who is able to lure the looks of others to them. A true SIREN is an individual whom is effortlessly themselves, stands on who and what one is; confidently luring in with voice and looks.
 At STB, we will provide high quality hand made products and new collections for every season. Providing high quality products with key detailing is very important to us. We care very much at what we are trying to do and the services being provided.
All products are cut & sewn by our production house in Los Angeles. 

Instagram: @kayszn